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Online Telugu Classes

Spoken Telugu Classes
Teacher: Sandhya
Course Number: 112

This course will help students learn how to speak Telugu, one of the most widely spoken languages in India. Telugu is the official language of the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and is also spoken by millions of people in other parts of India and abroad. Telugu is a rich and ancient language with a literary tradition dating back to the 11th century. Learning Telugu will enable students to communicate with native speakers, appreciate the culture and literature of Telugu-speaking regions.

The course will consist of four levels:

  • Level 1:  In this level, students will learn the basics of Telugu phonetics, script, grammar, and vocabulary. Students will also learn how to greet, introduce themselves, ask and answer simple questions, and express their likes and dislikes in Telugu.
  • Level 2:  In this level, students will expand their vocabulary and grammar skills, and learn how to talk about their family, friends, hobbies, daily routine, weather, time, and directions in Telugu. Students will also learn how to make requests, suggestions, invitations, and apologies in Telugu.
  • Level 3: In this level, students will learn how to talk about more complex topics such as education, work, health, travel, shopping, food, and culture in Telugu. Students will also learn how to express their opinions, feelings, preferences, and plans in Telugu.
Start Date: TBD
Course Number: 112
Timings: TBD CST
Frequency: TBD
Price: TBD
Total Classes: TBD

If none of the times we have available work for you, please email us your preferred day and time, including your time zone, at We will do our best to accommodate your request, based on teacher availability.