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Since our establishment in 2017, we have been providing comprehensive SAT coaching, guiding numerous students through the preparation process and assisting them in gaining admission to their desired universities. Our experienced educators are dedicated to delivering effective SAT instruction, ensuring that students not only excel in the exam but also achieve their academic goals. Our SAT classes are led by accomplished instructors who have achieved outstanding SAT scores. With scores exceeding 1570, 1580, and 1600, you can trust in their expertise to guide you toward success. These dedicated professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you reach your SAT goals.

Typically, our students undergo a significant improvement, with an average score increase of 200 points. This enhancement is a testament to the effectiveness of our comprehensive SAT prep program, which focuses on building fundamental skills in reading comprehension, grammar, and math. Through engaging classes, both in-person and via Zoom, we provide a hybrid learning environment that caters to diverse student needs.

In our hybrid learning environment, students have the flexibility to attend classes either in person at our teaching center in Irving, Texas, or virtually via Zoom. This approach allows students to choose the mode of learning that best suits their preferences and schedule. It ensures a dynamic and inclusive learning experience, providing the benefits of in-person interaction as well as the convenience of online attendance. This hybrid setup is designed to accommodate diverse learning needs and preferences, offering a comprehensive and adaptable educational experience for our students.

Comprehensive SAT PREP Classes

Embark on a comprehensive SAT preparation journey with our classes, designed to build strong foundational skills. These classes focus on elevating both Math and English proficiency through engaging activities and targeted lessons. As part of the program, students will benefit from multiple SAT practice tests, allowing them to refine their test-taking strategies and boost their confidence. This comprehensive SAT Prep is especially recommended for students currently in 10th and 11th grades, providing them with the tools and knowledge to excel in the SAT examination.

Building Fundamentals Classes

In our comprehensive Building Fundamentals classes, we aim to provide students with a strong foundation in critical areas such as reading comprehension, grammar, and math skills. The carefully designed curriculum is intended to thoroughly prepare students for success in the SAT and ACT test prep exams. The program incorporates engaging lessons, interactive activities, and targeted exercises to ensure a holistic development of the skills essential for excelling in these standardized tests. These classes are highly recommended for students currently in 9th,10th and 11th grades, offering them a strategic advantage as they embark on their SAT and ACT preparation journey.
While each student may have individual target scores for the SAT, my role as a teacher and coordinator is to foster a collective goal for the entire class — achieving a minimum score of 1500. To realize this objective, we will be employing a set of effective strategies. One crucial approach involves dedicating substantial class time to focused practice, ensuring consistent efforts week after week. This entails not only correcting mistakes but also progressively enhancing skills in both math and English. By following this structured approach, students can expect to see significant improvement in their overall SAT performance, aligning with our shared goal.