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Online Grammar Foundations Class

Grammar Foundations 
Teacher: Grace
Course # 109 & 110

Transform Your Words, Transform Your World 


 Students will develop writing skills by learning the following: 

 Parts of Speech

 Mechanics: Capitalization and Punctuation 

Subject-verb Agreement; Pronoun Agreement 

Phrases, Clauses & Sentence Structure 5. Modifiers


 Our goal is to help students improve their SAT and PSAT scores through the power of writing. We believe that strong grammar skills are essential to improving writing and enhancing reading comprehension, which are critical components of success in these exams. 


Develop high-level writing skills

 Writing skills can be used in college applications and future job opportunities

 Learning how to write teaches students how to read from the perspective of the writer


Start Date: TBD
Timings: TBD CST
Frequency: TBD
Price: TBD
Total Classes: TBD
Course Number: 109 ( Appropriate for: Grade Level 6th and below)
Course Number: 110 (Appropriate for : Grade Level 7th and above)

If none of the times we have available work for you, please email us your preferred day and time, including your time zone, at We will do our best to accommodate your request, based on teacher availability.