What can you expect from our areas of focus?

Reading Comprehension students will improve in the following areas:

  • Deliberative and engaged reading
  • Author objective determination
  • Making correct inferences
  • Drawing accurate conclusions
  • Semantic engagement (reading “between the lines”)
  • Common vocabulary in academic assessment
  • Rapid absorption of the purpose of long and short passages
  • Understanding abstract concepts and metaphors
  • Connecting subtle transitions between paragraphs
  • Contextualization
  • Comprehension of the function of word and character choices
  • Analyzing author technique, including message, style, and tone
  • Learning new terminology and learning how to decipher unfamiliar terms

Grammar and Language students will learn how to:

  • Appropriately replace faulty sentences
  • Add evidence that supports an argument
  • Spot example that’s not relevant to the passage’s central idea
  • Identify the correct interpretation of data presented in a graph
  • Form the clearest and most logical order of words in a sentence
  • Decide which word or phrase expresses an idea most clearly
  • Choose between similar words with different connotations
  • Revise language to get rid of wordiness or repetition
  • Change sentence for consistency with a passage’s style or tone
  • Revise sentence structure to shift emphasis
  • Combine two sentences effectively
  • Identify grammatically incomplete sentences, run-ons, and comma splices
  • Coordinate or subordination of clauses in sentences
  • Recognize parallelism in sentence construction
  • Classify misplaced modifiers in sentences
  • Locate inappropriate shifts in verb tense, voice, and mood and in pronoun person and number
  • Choose between confused words
  • Find agreement between pronouns and antecedents, subjects and verbs, and between nouns
  • Understand Illogical comparison of unlike terms
  • Select the appropriate non-standard expression, when applicable
  • Use proper punctuation

Writing students will learn how to:

  • Express their ideas clearly and concisely  
  • Improve the depth and quality of their expression
  • Structure a passage in the most flattering way
  • Deliver an effective argument
  • Formulate appropriate transitions
  • Write with unified style and tone
  • Create innovate and powerful introductory and closing statements
  • Summarize effectively for concluding paragraphs

Math students will improve in the following areas:

  • Problem-solving
  • Data Analysis
  • Using algebraic structure (Heart of Algebra)
  • Mathematical concepts in Algebra, geometry and data
  • Applying math knowledge to problems
  • Solving problems quickly
  • Passport to Advanced Math
  • Trigonometry

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